Best Practices: Stagnant, Outdated or Underperforming?

The terminology best practice is often (mis)used to describe processes and procedures accepted as superior, but are they truthfully superior? In some instances, best practices, may be the most advantageous course of action. However, with nearly every instance of partnership marketing owning unique circumstances, many scenarios have little-to-no relevance for commonly designated or inferred best practices. While the list of alleged best practices probably extends into infinity, here are a handful of activities that could be reevaluated.

Press Releases

When disseminated correctly, a noteworthy release will reach the appropriate media, but why not use a fresh delivery format to augment the desired exposure? Instead of just sending out a print media piece containing implicit jargon, rhetoric and manufactured quotes, let’s supplement it with a Facebook Live announcement from the bowels of a stadium and show people firsthand how this partnership will change the status quo. For example, the announcement could be a live feed of a new stadium sign being hung or a behind-the-scenes look at a new commercial being filmed. Coincidentally, last week, Richard Childress Racing used a Facebook video with driver Ryan Newman to announce its partnership with Kalahari Resorts.

Enter-To-Win Fly Away Trips

Seldom will a lucky winner turn down a fly away trip. But, are we making the most of our brainpower, time and resources by just sending someone to an event, even if it is as a VIP? What about winning a golf lesson from your favorite PGA player? What about having your son catch passes from your favorite QB in your own backyard? The possibilities reach as far as the imagination will allow. Sure, numerous organizations have deployed creative experiences for enter-to-win sweepstakes, nonetheless fly away trips still dominate.

Official Sponsor Language

Many Official Sponsor designations are completely worthless. For an official designation to have any discernable value, the sponsoring product/service must have a natural tie to the sponsored property. Official Tire of NASCAR – yes. Official Tire of the NFL – no. Official protein bar of the Tough Mudder – yes. Official protein bar of the Professional Bowlers Association – no. Proud Partner language or a “Preferred” designation in lieu of “Official” nomenclature is often more suitable, especially in scenarios when the sponsor’s product/service have nothing to do with the property.

Client/customer dinners

Everybody must eat, but to use dinner as the exclusive non-office (or game/event) environment for client/customer interaction is limiting. Easy-to-learn activities that nearly anyone can participate in such as miniature golf, bowling, playing cards, wine/bourbon/craft beer tasting, board games, laser tag/paint ball, frisbee golf, go cart racing, etc. are great non-traditional options to replace the mundane dinner.

Undoubtedly there is an appropriate time/place for the standard Press Release or a nice client & customer dinner. Nevertheless, we’d be foolish to assert we’re not missing opportunities by simply relying on so-called best practices and avoiding new ideas.

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